Welcome to Askdeny

Askdeny is a top-quality resource to stay updated with Loan related content.

Askdeny was launched with the aim of bridging the information gap between the general public and the loan. Because over time, we realized how important it is for everyone to keep themselves updated with cryptocurrency.

The main purpose of Askdeny

Askdeny is a blogging website in which all the loan information is given. The basic purpose of this blog is to collect information in loan and make it accessible to the readers.

I have always been interested in researching loans. This blog has been made on all the information I have taken so far. I want to convey personal loan information to my readers through this blog, so that those who want to get information, can be benefited.

We will always try to ensure that as much good and engaging information as possible reaches the readers. By now you have learned about my blog, let us know how I became a blogger and how to make this website.

About Founder

I am Biplab Mohanty from Ampor, a small village in Odisha. I completed my graduation in 2016. After completing my graduation, I did many small and big things.

I used to work at that time but I could not see my luck in all that work, then I left all that work and went to Hyderabad for a software development course.

After 6 to 8 months of completion of the course, I got a job in software development. After 1.5 years I left the job. Now I am the founder of Askdeny and through this blog, I provide full-form information to my readers.

How did I become a blogger?

I thought my life would change if I got a job in software, but I was wrong. Despite being a software engineer, I used to get only around Rs 12000.

My job was in Mumbai, so I always had to go through bad financial conditions due to high expenses there. Apart from this, I was asked to do overtime and not even paid.

It continued like this and then it was the turn of the salary increase. I still remember that except me, everyone in my team got more increments than me.

Those with me also got more increments than me and those who were my juniors also got more increments. There was a very funny reason for this, there was a fight between me and a friend of the CEO of the company.

Due to such bias, I was determined that whatever I do now I will do on my own, this job-like thing is not for me. Anyway, I did not like to accept someone’s order forcibly and along with doing a job, he was looking for how to earn money online.

Then I came to know about blogging and I decided to quit my job and do blogging.

How do I make Askdeny?

Corona had spread in the country even before I left my job. Then I started learning about blogging on YouTube. After learning a little bit, I left mine and became a full-time blogger.

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